SameGame (さめがめ) is a tile-matching puzzle video game originally released under the name Chain Shot! in 1985 by Kuniaki Moribe (Morisuke).

The object of the game is to click on adjoining blocks containing two or more of the same colour which will remove them from the playing field. The more blocks removed at a time, the more score you'll receive.

See the SameGame Wikipedia entry for more information.

When you clear a puzzle or have no valid clicks left, the game will end and you'll be entered into various leader boards:

The Highest Score leader board rates members based on the most score achieved throughout the entire puzzle.

The Biggest Click leader board rates members based on the most score achieved from a single click.

The Least Clicks leader board rates members based on the lowest amount of clicks required to completely clear the playing field.

Your position on the leader boards as well as the number of colours the puzzle contains will determine the number of points you earn.

The base points for each position are as follows: 1st (100 points), 2nd (90 points), 3rd (80 points), 4th (70 points), 5th (60 points), 6th (50 points), 7th (40 points), 8th (30 points), 9th (20 points), 10th and beyond (10 points).

Assuming a puzzle has 3 colours and you are in 1st place on all three leader boards, you would earn (100x3)+(100x3)+(100x3)=900 points.

New puzzles get automatically generated each day. All puzzles are unique.

There is no limit to the number of times you can play a puzzle. All leader boards will be instantly updated whenever you improve on a previous performance.

Should you require any assistance, first please consult the FAQ. If you're a member, you can ask your question on The Wall.

For any other queries, please send an email to admin@samegame.info.
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